MEKA       Miniature Enthusiasts of Kingston and Area

MEKA Constitution

  1. The name of the club will be Miniature Enthusiasts of Kingston and Area, also known as MEKA.
  2. The purpose of the club will be to further the hobby of building and collecting miniatures. Any profits made by the club will be used in promoting the purposes of the club.
  3. The Annual General Meeting will be held at the June meeting of each year. The incoming Executive shall assume their duties 30 June for the following year. The Executive may notify the membership by mail or telephone, seven (7) days in advance of any required date change.
  4. The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting will include consideration and adoption of the minutes of the prior Annual General Meeting, President's report, Treasurer's report, determination of dues for the upcoming year and election of officers.
  5. The officers of the club shall be the President, Vice-President, immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and Workshop Convener. In the event that it is decided at the annual general meeting to have an exhibition in the upcoming year a show convener will be elected and will be considered as an officer of the club for the following year.
  6. The officers of the club will serve as the Executive of the club, of whom three (3) shall be a quorum.
  7. The President or President's delegate will preside at all meetings of the club and Executive.
  8. The Secretary will keep a record of the proceedings of the meetings of the club and the Executive, a list of members' names and addresses and shall produce the Newsletter and any other Club publications.
  9. The Treasurer will control and supervise the collection and receipt of all moneys payable to the organization. All cheques of the club will be signed by the Treasurer and one other member appointed by the Executive.
  10. The immediate Past-President shall chair the Nominating Committee, which shall consist of the Past-President, and two other members chosen by the Chair. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.
  11. The officers will be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of two years.
  12. If any office on the Executive becomes vacant during the course of the year, the Executive may elect a person to that office for the unexpired term.
  13. The Executive will arrange regular general meetings of the club throughout the year devoted to various aspects of the hobby of miniatures. If the size of the club becomes sufficient to warrant it, the Executive may decide to have separate workshops and general meetings throughout the year. General meetings will then be held at the discretion of the Executive with at least 7 days notice of the meeting given to all members in advance.
    1. The Annual Dues for members will be set annually and approved by a majority vote of the members at the Annual General meeting. Fees are due in October.
    2. Dues for "subscription only" will be set annually at the AGM. The payment of subscription dues does not give membership status in terms of being voting members of the Club.
  15. At any meeting of the club, the presence of at least 1/3 of the paid up members will be necessary to constitute a quorum.
  16. Questions arising at any meeting will be decided by a majority vote of the members present and voting. The Chairman may only vote in order to break a tie.
  17. The Constitution of the club may only be amended at the Annual General Meeting or other special general meeting called for that purpose. Special general meetings of the club will be announced 7 days in advance. Such announcements will include a statement of the business to be transacted at the special general meeting. Amendments to the Constitution will require the support of 2/3 of the members voting at the meeting.
  18. Charter members of the club will include: Lois Armstrong, Craig Cole, Margaret Cole, Valerie Cox, Alison Elliott, Jillian Gilliland, Joyce Grenville, Kay James, Florence Hall, Edith Hall, Dick Kirby, Russ Manning, Mary Powell, Joyce Sorge, Delphine Spencer and Trevor Spencer.
  19. The MEKA Club will indemnify and hold harmless its officers and members upon determination by the Club's membership that the person to be indemnified acted in good faith and with a reasonable belief as to what was in the interest of the Club. Individual members shall not be liable for the debts of the MEKA Club.



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